Job opportunities

Independent fellowships

Are you interested in our research topics and would consider an independent fellowship in our group? We are very happy to support suitable candidates for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellowships , Newton Fellowships or other independent fellowship schemes. Please get in touch via email to discuss options.

PhD studentships

The Extragalactic Dusty Astrophysics group offer opportunities to get involved into our research in the course of a PhD project. Projects may focus on observational and/or theoretical aspects of active galactic nuclei or cosmology. Please check out the Astrogroup's Postgraduate opportunities website. This will include the group's projects as well as other projects by staff members of the astrogroup.

We also support PhD projects in collaboration with ESO, Europe's flagship optical observatory. These studentship will allow spending time in both Southampton and one of ESO's locations in either Germany or Chile. Application deadlines via the ESO recruitment portal are on 15 May and 15 November of each year. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr Sebastian Hoenig via email at least one month ahead of the respective deadline. Note that you will have to apply to both the University of Southampton and ESO in this case, and support from the university will be a prerequisite for a succesful application to ESO.